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Facial Surgery - face lift - eye bag removal - eyebrow lift - nose job - chin augmentation - ear correction in birmingham, burton, uk
bullet    Botox
bullet    Chemical Peels
bullet    Fillers
bullet    Lipofilling
Breast enlargement - breast lift - breast reduction - male breast reduction - breast reconstruction in birmingham, burton, uk
Body Contouring - Tummy tuck - massisve weight loss surgery - thigh lift - arm lift - liposution in Birmingham, Burton, UK
bullet    Tummy Tuck
bullet    Massive Weight Loss Surgery
bullet    Thigh Lift
bullet    Arm Lift
bullet    Liposuction
Skin - skin cancers - skin lesions in birmingham, burton, uk
bullet1   SKIN CANCERS
Scars - labial reduction
bullet    Hair Transplant
bullet    Scars

bullet    Labial Reduction

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Mr Sanjay Azad, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon in Birmingham, Burton, UK - Plastic Surgeon - Specializing in Breast SurgeryThe practice of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is challenging, requiring a creative, sophisticated and unique approach for each patient. We aim to provide the best surgical and non-surgical treatments for rejuvenation and restoration, so that you can have the best possible environment in which to attain your goals.

No two persons are the same: each patient therefore needs an individualised, bespoke treatment plan. By the same token, your surgeon needs to be able to offer a range of procedures and treatments so that your treatment is the most appropriate. We will therefore work with you in order to best define your aims, and counsel you in detail on the most appropriate approach for your condition, given the relative risks and benefits of each option.We will not recommend surgery you do not need, nor suggest treatments that we feel are unsafe or unproven.We are proud of our commitment in keeping up to date with the latest developments in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical practice, in maintaining a seamless transfer of care from your initial consultation to your post-surgical management, and in offering a level of medical technology and surgical skill which is continually under review, aiming for better results and improved recovery.At our practice, we believe in quality and excellence. We will be working with you to achieve harmony in rejuvenation.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has the ability to enhance and change lives. Dr Sanjay Azad, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, is passionate about his craft, blending the best in the art and science of surgery. He works at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and performs the full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures relating to the Face, Body, Breasts and Hands.

His aim is simply to give Northwest Ontario the best of care in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

We believe in a friendly and professional service at the highest levels. Above all, we are committed to a happier, healthier you.


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3rd Floor, Suite 360
Thunder Bay Medical Centre
63 N Algoma Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canada P7A 4Z6
Phone: (807) 345-5455
Fax: (807) 345-5456

Thunder Bay Regional
Health Sciences Centre
980 Oliver Rd.
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canada P7B 6V4
Phone: (807) 684-6000


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