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Keloid on back following lesion removal
Keloid on shoulder blade a common location
Keloid on back following lesion removal
Keloid on shoulder blade a common location


Keloid Scar – A Personal Journey

I first noticed my scar on my back as a white raised lump and thought nothing of it, put when it was still there a few months later, I thought best get something done about this. There where a few others but not as big.

I went and saw my GP who referred me to a outpatients centre in Katie Road, Selly Oak where I could have the lump removed and sent off for analysis, I had the lump removed and they just numbed the area to do the operation, it took all of about 30 minutes.

I received a call 2 weeks later to go and find out the results of the lump, it turned out to be a keloid scar. I was then asked have I ever had any cuts or any injury to my back. There was nothing me or my parents could remember.

By this time my scar looked it was going to heal well, and was asked to go back in 2 weeks. I went back and a red lump had a appeared a lot larger then the actual lump that was removed.

I was then given a referral to see Mr S Azad. He said that first we would try silicone sheets, he gave me a 6 month course of the sheets, they where skin coloured and you just had to cover the scar, this reduced the roughness of my scar, but didn’t reduce the lumpiness. He then decided on a course of steroid injections, the idea of these is to try and melt the scar away. These injections where very successful in reducing the lumpiness of the scar but it took 7 or 8 injections to reduce it to a flat state. My scar is now flat but retains the redness, the next course for me if the redness hasn’t reduced is to have laser treatment to try and reduce the redness. Hopefully this will show there is light at the end of the tunnel for Keloid scar suffers, it is a long process but the outcome is good.

LL (Patient of Keloid Scar)



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