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A common problem faced by people who have had substantial weight loss (some in the order of 100 pounds or more) is that, although they have lost the weight they wanted, they are left with inches of hanging skin around the abdomen, arms, neck, thighs and buttocks. This is caused by the skin's loss of elasticity. It has been stretched beyond its capacity to retract. There are significant physical, social and psychological issues related to this, sometimes massively excess skin.

The most common plastic surgical procedure after weight loss include:

All these procedure are fairly extensive operations and need detailed planning and execution. Dr Sanjay Azad will go through all the procedures in detail and suggest the most appropriate procedure. Staging of the operations is common so as to aid in reasonably quick recovery. The procedures mentioned above are dealt with in separate sections of the website.

Massive Weight Loss Surgery – A Personal Journey

I would like everyone to hear my story. In 2003 I decided to go on another diet, I have been on so many before and none of them worked. I joined a slimming club. It was good because everyone was there for the same reason,"to lose weight". Since I had my son in 1993 I kept putting on weight. This time was different, I said to myself i am going to do it. Week after week the weight kept coming off. In November 2004 I got to my target, which was 10stone 2lb. This was half my body weight. My B M I went from 40% to under 25%. I looked good on the outside but I wasn't happy on the inside. I was getting very depressed and thinking to myself "was it all worth it". I got rid of the fat in my body. You never think that the skin would stay as it was when I was fat. I went to see GP and he sent me to see a plastic surgeon.
In May 2007 I had my first tummy tuck. The operation went great. Afterwards my body looked better because some of my skin was removed. I still wasn't happy. So I saw Mr Azad the plastic surgeon in May 2009. He told me for the best results I would need a full body tuck. So Mr Azad said he could do it in September of that year.

The next 4 and half months flew by I was so excited. Finally I was going to a beautiful body. September 2009 came and I went into hospital for my surgery. I woke up and felt fine. The next morning I was a little stiff and sore. I never had any pain I just couldn't wait to see my body. It felt good when I touched it with my hands. I stayed in hospital for 1 week. I had to go back a week later to have my dressing removed. I was off work for 7 weeks altogether. When I went back I got back to normal straight away. I took it nice and easy with no heavy lifting. I looke good on the outside. Finally I am very happy on the inside. The most important thing is that I feel very sexy again and I owe it all to Mr Azad. Thank you!

LB (Massive Weight Loss Surgery Patient)

Back View - Before weight loss assocaited surgery
Side View - Before weight loss assocaited surgery
Front View - After weight loss assocaited surgery
Back View - After weight loss assocaited surgery
Side View - After weight loss assocaited surgery

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