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  • This is a useful and common technique to enhance the results of facial rejuvenation especially in the area of fuller lips and reduction of wrinkles. The treatment is also attractive because the cost of injections is relatively low compared to many surgical procedures. There are numerous fillers available and more are being every day, but Dr Sanjay Azad uses only tried and tested products.
  • Fillers can be divided into either synthetic or natural products.
  • The most common synthetic product used by Dr Sanjay Azad is Restylane®.
  • Restylane® is an injectable filler made from hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a natural carbohydrate found in the tissues of all vertebrate animals and is chemically identical across all species. Because of this, no skin testing for allergies is required. To further enhance safety, the hyaluronic acid used in Restylane® is derived from a non-animal source by using genetically-engineered bacteria to produce it.

    The advantage of Restylane is that it can last up to twice as long as collagen. Patients can expect it to last for about 4-6 months and is especially good for lip enhancement.

    The newest hyaluronic acid gel fillers on the market are Juvederm® and Perlane®, which are somewhat thicker than Restylane, and claim to provide a longer-lasting result.


Two of the most attractive aspects of fillers is that they are relatively inexpensive and also require little to no "down time" for the patient. The procedure only takes a few minutes to perform, and requires no bandages, dressings, or ointments afterward. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately.

The area is cleaned with an antiseptic wipe and the appropriate filler is injected into the selected wrinkles or folds, or into the lips, using a very fine needle to deposit the filler into the tissues. The cosmetic correction is nearly immediate except for any swelling added by the needle site itself.

After the procedure, the only patient restriction is to avoid strenuous physical activity for the first twenty-four hours after the injection. It's also important not to rub or massage the treated areas for the first day or two afterwards to avoid displacing the filler. The possibility of swelling or bruising can be minimized by the application of cold packs to the area for the first 24 hours as well.

  • Natural products including the technique of lipofilling with your own fat. This involves more down time and is discussed in the relevant section.

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