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BREAST ENLARGEMENT (Breast Augmentation)

Purpose: To improve the contour and projection of the breast
Length of operation: 1 hour
Anaesthesia: General anaesthetic
Inpatient stay: 1 day or day case
Follow up: 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
Time off work: 1 week
Recovery: 2-3 weeks
Risks: Infection, Rupture, Capsule Formation, Asymmetry, Implant Edge Visibility


Breast augmentation is a procedure of enhancing the breast size using most often a silicone implant. There are other options of breast enhancement including using Macrolane and now more recently Fat Transfer.  Dr Sanjay Azad offers the whole range of breast enlargement procedures to give you the best result.

The silicone implants have been researched thoroughly and are completely safe. They can be placed behind the breast or behind the muscle under the breast after full assessment. The implants can be either round or tear drop shaped and both give excellent results for breast enhancement.


The procedure is done as a day case or maximum overnight stay. The typical incision is in the fold below the breast and is only a couple of inches in length. It heals beautifully in the long term leaving a barely noticeable scar. All stitches used are dissolving in nature. Some soreness is typical but it is important at this early stage to move the arm, so as to avoid stiffness of the shoulder area.
Dr Sanjay Azad uses minimum dressings and you will go home with some simple pain killers. It is important to use a good sports bra as and when you feel comfortable to wear one.


This is rapid and certainly helped by using a good sports bra. Most activities aside from aerobics can be done within a week ; aerobics should be done only done after 3 months. The results are obvious straightaway but the swelling and bruising will take some time to settle down (upto 2 months).

Risks and Complications

This procedure generally gives excellent results. Breast enlargement can rarely lead to poor scarring or infection. The body reacts to the implant by forming a shell of scar around it, which in some patients can become firm to hard. Minor differences in both breasts may persist and the breast will certainly change with time.

Breast enhancement is a safe and common procedure in the hands of Dr Sanjay Azad and you are sure to look and feel great after the procedure.

Patient Journey

18 year old female

I decided to make enquiries for breast augmentation as I have a medical condition that has meant limited breast development. Having approached the NHS and being refused I had to consider my options.

With the support of my mother we made enquires with Mr Azad who saw us in the NHS clinic.

Right from the start of meeting Mr Azad I felt he listened, was detailed in his examination and although I did not fit the criteria to be supported by the NHS I clearly understood why.

Mr Azad put me at ease I felt he was knowledgeable and looking on the website I could understand his depth and keenness to support people with medical conditions.

Following three appointments I was fully aware of the operation and recovery time. I felt nervous two months prior but as it got closer I knew It was what I wanted. The reason why I wanted this surgery was as a young woman I wanted to feel more feminine. I hoped the surgery would allow me to wear a selection of clothes.

On the day of the operation my appointment was at 7.30, my mother constantly asked me if this was the right decision. I knew I trusted Mr Azad and the reason I knew this was I had already consulted with an alternative plastic surgeon from a well known breast augmentation group. I found them to be pushy, didn’t listen to why I wanted the surgery and tried to offer a breast implant size that on reflection would have been totally unrealistic. Mr Azad understood I wanted a natural look.

On arrival at the Priory I was confident and not worried I knew I wanted it done. I was shown to the room where I had blood pressure taken and I had previously requested “magic cream” which makes your hand go numb so you don’t feel the needle. Mr Azad then came at 8.30. he reconfirmed the size of implants which were 200cc round. We then signed forms and he requested consent to take before pictures. I thought  having the skin marked out would be embarrassing but it wasn’t.

I then waited in the room which made me need the toilet a lot my stomach churned. The nurses then walked down to theatre with me. They were all happy and made me feel at ease. When the anaesthetic was given I felt drunk and it was good fun. The next thing I remember was feeling very disorientated waking up in recovery. Had no pain but it was a horrible feeling. I then went back to the room where again had no pain. Mom chatted to me and by lunchtime the food came which looked lovely but I didn’t want it. About 4pm I felt sick and the nurses gave me some medication this passed.

I had no covering bandages and could see they looked good but very firm. I drank loads of water but didn’t need the toilet for ages. When I needed the toilet in the night I called the nurses because I hadn’t walked since. I was unsteady but got better quickly.

I’m glad I had an overnight stay and by the morning had my normal appetite back. I was concerned that they were very firm and was concerned at the numbness. Mr Azad discharged me at 4 pm with some painkillers.

I wore a support bra night and day and this was comfortable. A week later I retuned to have the plasters removed my scars are now four weeks old. No redness but I have a lumpy firm line which will go in time. When you stand up you cant see the scar. I have attempted to be bra fitted by two different places and got such varied measurements this made me smile. They have softened and feel really comfortable. The nibbles have got feeling back and have stretched and are larger. The shape cannot be seen, I was recommended these because I am young and the teardrop shape maybe more natural for older women.

I am now going on holiday and have no concerns It doesn’t even feel like I have had it done now. I am just in proportion. It was that simple even my brother doesn’t know. I have chosen to only tell my parents and one friend. I feel for me this was the best approach and now look forward to a great future thanks to Mr Azad and his great skill.

(Patient of breast augmentation)

Special Instructions

Before Surgery

  • Ensure that you wash your hair and shave your armpit the night before or morning of surgery.
  • Ensure that you have bought a couple of sports bras of the anticipated size. You will need this after the first week at the first dressing change.

After Surgery

  • Simple pain like a combination of codeine and paracetamol are best. Avoid using ibuprofen or diclofenac, because they thin the blood and can cause more bleeding and bruising after surgery.
  • Any bleeding, discharge, undue pain or unusual breast hardness after surgery; please contact the team or contact numbers given straightaway.
  • The dressing which acts like a brassiere is completely removed only a week after surgery and you can go into your elasticated sports bra. This must be worn day and night for 3 months. The bra provides external support and reduces discomfort. It helps as well in letting the swelling settle down earlier.
  • During the first week after surgery keep your wound dry as water can seep below the dressing and cause maceration. It is a good idea to make a bra from cling film and then take a shower.
  • It is common to have swelling and bruising after any form of breast surgery. This will settle in due course.
  • It is quite important to use and move your shoulder after breast surgery. The anticipation of discomfort can make one stiffen at the shoulder and for this reason gentle shoulder movements should be started straight away.
  • Do not drive during the first couple of weeks after surgery.
  • It is advisable to avoid unnecessary activity, stretching or any strenuous exercise for at least the first few weeks. Aerobics and swimming can be done at 3 months post surgery.
  • For sedentary occupations, you can return to work in 2-3 weeks. You will know when you are ready and do listen to your body which will tell you what to do.
  • Massage with a good bland moisturizing cream  (E45/Doublebase/Diprobase) helps the scars to settle down. This should be started about 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Protect the scars from the sun by using sunblock for at least 2 years. This prevents them from getting pigmented.
  • Ultimate breast size and shape is best assessed only 6 months after surgery. You can however go in for definitive lingerie at about 3 months when the breasts are reasonably settled.
  • If the scars are getting lumpy they may need additional treatment. Please contact Dr Sanjay Azad.
Front View - Before Breast Enlargement (Breast Augumentation)
Side View - Before Breast Enlargement (Breast Augumentation)
Front View - After Breast Enlargement (Breast Augumentation)
Side View - After Breast Enlargement (Breast Augumentation)
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