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Facial Surgery - face lift - eye bag removal - eyebrow lift - nose job - chin augmentation - ear correction in birmingham, burton, uk
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Skin - skin cancers - skin lesions in birmingham, burton, uk
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Skin cancers are the commonest condition in a plastic surgery OPD. The common three lesions you will see include:

  1. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)-nodular, raised border, pearly edge, telangiectasia
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)-crusty, everted border, surrounding skin changes
  3. Melanoma (MM)-dark, pigmented

History and clinical examination

  1. Age/occupation/skin type (Fitzpatrick)
  2. History of lesion, duration, progression
  3. Bleeding/ulceration/inflammation/itching
  4. Family situation (elderly), Allergies, Smoking
  5. Examination (describe the lesion/surrounding skin/lymph nodes)
  6. Draw a line diagram

If patient needs surgery

  1. Photos/booking forms
  2. Consent (scar, infection, bleeding, bruising, incomplete excision, cosmetic deformity, recurrence, further surgery or other procedures, need for prolonged followup, mention damage to specific structures like nerves)
  3. Think about liaison with other specialties like haematologist
  4. Local or general anaesthetic, day case or main list
  5. Does the patient need to stop aspirin or warfarin? (aspirin 10/7, warfarin 3/7)
  6. Think about the specific need for frozen section or MDT referral

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