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Please contact Dr Sanjay Azad to arrange a private consultation


Skin cancers are a common condition. The common three lesions we see include:

  1. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)- This is commonly called rodent ulcer and is a benign type of skin cancer. It does not have potential to spread but tends to grow locally. Typical appearances are of a skin nodule with a pearly edge and some prominent blood vessels within it.
  2. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)-This lesion is more malignant than a rodent ulcer and appears to be crusty with surrounding skin changes.
  3. Melanoma (MM)-This lesion is the most malignant type of skin cancer. It appears as dark and heavily pigmented.

However appearances can be deceptive and it is quite common to have a diagnostic dilemma. In that situation, the final answer is typically by doing a biopsy to get a specimen for further analysis in the laboratory by using a microscope.

Dr Sanjay Azad will take a detailed history and carry out a thorough clinical examination. The main focus will be on:

History and Clinical Examination

  1. Age / occupation
  2. Skin type-easily burning skin on exposure to sun is an important risk factor for skin cancers. It also means that one should be extra careful of sun exposure.
  3. History of lesion, duration, progression
  4. Bleeding/ulceration/inflammation/itching
  5. Other lesions
  6. Previous medical history, particularly if you are taking drugs which reduce immunity. Diseases like diabetes can make healing an issue.
  7. Drug Intake-blood thinners and steroids are particularly important. Blood thinners like aspirin need to be stopped for 10 days before surgery. Aspirin if continued at surgery can result in more oozing, bruising and a higher chance of skin graft failing. Steroids are important as they can make wounds heal poorly.
  8. Family situation (elderly), Allergies, Smoking
  9. Examination (lesion/surrounding skin/lymph nodes)

If You Need Surgery

  1. Photos will be taken for documentation.
  2. I will fill up a booking form which will go to my secretary and you shall get an appointment in the post.
  3. It is a day case procedure and done under local anaesthetic.
  4. I shall show you a photographic series of typical procedures for skin cancers with some results. Obviously each patient is individual and the examples are only representative.
  5. The main issues with any operation are:
    • Scars, lumpy scars
    • Scar contractures (especially close to joints)
    • Infection
    • Bleeding
    • Bruising
    • Incomplete excision
    • Contour deformity
    • Damage to specific structures like nerves
    • Limb swelling
    • Recurrence
    • Further surgery or other procedures like radiotherapy
    • Need for prolonged followup


  1. Types of skin cancer
  2. Melanoma series
  3. Skin grafting series
  4. Flap procedure for skin cancer 
  5. Local flap versus skin graft
  6. Complications of skin cancer excision

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