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Facial Surgery - face lift - eye bag removal - eyebrow lift - nose job - chin augmentation - ear correction in birmingham, burton, uk
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Breast enlargement - breast lift - breast reduction - male breast reduction - breast reconstruction in birmingham, burton, uk
Body Contouring - Tummy tuck - massisve weight loss surgery - thigh lift - arm lift - liposution in Birmingham, Burton, UK
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bullet    Massive Weight Loss Surgery
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Skin - skin cancers - skin lesions in birmingham, burton, uk
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Scars - labial reduction
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  • Your operation has been done under local anaesthetic and the relevant part of the body will be quite numb for sometime. Please be careful on touching hot things as one can easily burn oneself.

  • Local anaesthetics can also make the area pale, swollen and prevent nerves from working fully (especially obvious on the face). This is a temporary phenomenon.
  • Any skin markings done during surgery are temporary and will wash away.

  • It is recommended that you do not drive after the procedure and be chaperoned home.

  • Pain killers and antibiotics will be adviced on an individual basis. Regular intake of paracetamol tablets initially is generally satisfactory. However stronger pain killers are occasionally necessary (Ibuprofen is a good pain killer which can be safely taken with paracetamol. Remember to take it with some food and you should not have any allergies to this medication).

  • Take pain killers on getting home as it is best to keep on top of the pain rather than chasing the pain. We need to emphasize that regular use of pain killers, is far better than irregular use.

  • You will feel quite, stiff, swollen and bruised at the site of surgery, but this settles in due course.

  • If you have stopped aspirin or warfarin (blood thinner tablets) before surgery, then these are typically restarted after surgery.

  • If you have had surgery on the hand or upper limb, then it is best to keep the part elevated, otherwise it is likely to throb. A couple of pillows at night are useful. When walking keep the relevant hand bent at the elbow but above the level of the heart.

  • Different parts of the body are dressed in different ways. The wound can be left exposed to air or closed over with a bulky dressing. If the wound is exposed to air, then it can be safely cleaned the day after surgery. Water will not get into the wound after the first day. The only precaution being, that you should dry the part with a separate flannel after it has become wet.

  • For any leg wound, do not dangle your leg down for longer period, but preferably put couple of additional pillows on a footstool.

  • For covered wounds, one can have a waterproof, transparent dressing. You can safely wash over it as no water should get in. If the wound is covered with any other type of dressing like a bandage, then it is advisable to avoid wetting the dressing, which is likely to get soggy. Keeping dressings dry is a nuisance, but can be done by using a cling film wrap or a plastic bag.

  • Stitches can be dissolving or non-dissolving type. Non-dissolving stitches need to be removed at the surgery or you may be adviced to come back for removal in the hospital.

  • If you have a lesion around the eyes, then eye ointment is generally prescribed. This eye ointment should be applied gently to the surgical site, couple of time every day. If the ointment went into the eye, it should not have any ill effects.

  • If you have a skin graft or flap, then it is likely that you will be asked to come back to a dressing clinic in the hospital.

  • If there is any oozing of blood at home, do not be alarmed. Just apply firm pressure on the area (unless you have been adviced otherwise) for about 3 minutes continuously. This generally stems any further bleeding. If this continues then you are most welcome to call us for advice.

  • Undue pain, redness, smell or feeling unwell are all markers of infection. This is uncommon, but will necessitate change of dressing, antibiotics and possibly hospital admission.

  • Skin graft at the site of the wound is inspected typically after 5 days, but the area from where it is harvested should be left for at least 10 days. This is because earlier removal of the sticky dressing may infact be quite painful and will delay healing.

  • Full mobility may take time, but you should eventually be allright.

  • You will be given a followup appointment to see the Consultant or the team in  a few weeks.

  • On coming to this followup clinic, the doctor will enquire about any problems. They will discuss the results from your procedure, if these are available. They will check you for any lumps and give you advice regarding scar management, potential for developing further skin lesions, sun protection and future followup. If you have any concerns at this point, do ask you doctor.

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